We provide a range of options to suit your colocation requirements. Our World Class Tier 4 custom built data centre currently houses 170 racks in module one. In future modules (from late 2021) we will offer private cages / IT rooms or even an entire module which meets the bespoke requirements of larger clients.

The infrastructure which has been certified Tier 4 by the Uptime Institute provides redundancy of power, cooling, connectivity and fire suppression. Our technical solution includes multi-layer access control, CCTV, BMS and DCIM with remote monitoring.


The data centre is served by multiple Tier 1 carriers and ISP’s with full redundant paths (no SPOF). We focus on providing the widest range of connectivity providers and solutions. 

Cross connects allow customers to connect to each other directly (one to one) or one to many using a distributed peering switch at on-site exchange (IXP). The Accra DC will become a regional hub and thus reduce the costs of internet access and content distribution in Ghana and the wider region. 

Peering within the DC will not only save money by eliminating unnecessary hops but also reduce latency and improve resilience by allowing multiple redundant connections between NSP’s and clients. Customers have the freedom to choose from a range of connectivity providers.


Our data centre is located 20 km from Accra. In order to ensure that your staff optimise their time we have built offices in the data centre allowing your staff working flexibility. 

The data centre has over 200m² of office space furnished with modern chairs, desks and lockable cupboards. Rental is flexible and no long-term commitment required. We aim to make your data experience as efficient and pleasant as possible. Secure, separate offices or hot-desking open plan area.

  • Lockable storage units, chairs and desks.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Access to kitchen facilities.
  • Free WIFI included.

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    An overview of our centre

    Our central hub of data centres will provide colocation services as well as Cloud and Content Distribution services in conjunction with key partners. 

    We deliver bespoke Data Centre Solutions for your African business requirements.

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