The Building

The data centre is a modular designed, massive concrete structure with two modules in place (Phase 1) and space for an additional two modules (Phase 2).

Our technical solution includes multi-layer access control, CCTV, BMS and DCIM with remote monitoring.

Phase 1

The total area of the site is 7000m² with Phase 1 consisting of offices, guard house and the first two modules covering 1950m². 

Module #1 is fully operational and Module #2 requires the installation of additional mechanical and electrical infrastructure which will take less than four months to complete. 

Phase 2

Phase 2 will add an additional 1450m² of concrete buildings being modules 3 and  4 and as well as associated infrastructure. The infrastructure which has been certified Tier IV by the Uptime Institute provides redundancy of power, cooling, connectivity and fire suppression. 


The Accra DC is served by multiple sources of power to ensure zero downtime. The DC has distributed redundancy with 2 out of 3 systems required for full operational load.

Green Power. A solar farm is located adjacent to the DC and is rated at 726 kWp. Capacity will be increased as the power requirement of the DC increases and it is planned to install storage (batteries) when the price drops sufficiently. This should happen by 2022. This will allow the DC to be completely independent and no longer reliant on grid power.

Generators. Each module is served by three generators each with a capacity of 356KW and each with 72 hours of fuel. Only 2 generators are required to run an entire module.

3 x 300KW IT UPS with 12 minute battery back up per module.
3 x 150KW HVAC UPS with 12 minute battery back up per module

Grid power is provided by ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana).
The facility has experienced zero downtime to date.


As with the electrical infrastructure, the data center has a distributed redundancy (2 out of 3 systems required) mechanical infrastructure, of which two systems are required to sustain the critical loads.

White space temperature is controlled and maintained with close control DX CRAC units. Humidity is controlled with one air handling unit situated on the roof, feeding treated air into the white space with localised fire dampers.

Two of the close control CRAC units are fitted with dehumidification coils. White space supporting technical room temperatures are controlled and maintained with the close control DX CRAC units.

• Cold Aisle containment
• Inlet temperature from 180C to 270C
• Humidity from 20% to 80% (ASHRAE)
• PUE of 1.5 from 50% of IT load


The data centre has multiple layers of physical security ensuring authorised access down to the rack level. The perimeter is secured by a high concrete wall and electric gates. All visits are pre-arranged, and authorisation is required.

Access control into and through the data centre is managed by multi-factor authentication methods (including biometric) at each transition boundary:

• Building, office and service area access (Photo ID required)
• White space (IT room) – electronic tag / biometric
• Cold-aisle – electronic tag / biometric
• Rack – electronic tag / biometric

In addition to the access control all visitors are monitored by CCTV cameras at all times and an audit trail of all human movement through the data centre, whether visitors or staff, is retained.

In addition to the Uptime Institute Tier IV certification the company is ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS certified.